Smartrooms - Room Reservation Software: Transaction Tokens License- No Payment Gateway.
SMARTROOMS TTL Room Reservation Software is integrated with your Hotel's website and the entire Room Reservation process takes place under Your Hotel's Website (Domain) name.
The Guest visits your website and clicks on the reservation link, views rooms availability; selects available rooms; fills the booking form and submits the order. The Guest gets an Instant Confirmation of the booking on screen and by email.
Your Guests DO NOT PAY ONLINE while booking their rooms. You can collect the payment from Your Guests upon arrival or by other Offline methods like Bank Transfer. (You Do not have to invest in a Payment Gateway or pay any Commissions on Sales to the Bank or to Us.)
This is a WIN-WIN situation for the Guest and Your Hotel. The guest is able to view Room Availability and gets a confirmed booking while YOUR hotel gets a Complete Reservation Software at a Very Low Cost and continues to save money on credit card commissions, booking commissions paid to agents, website hosting fees etc...
There is NO LIMIT to the number of rooms that can be sold from YOUR website per day. You can conveniently manage your room rates, room inventory, additional items like airport pickup, early bird discounts, additional guest prices etc. through the SMARTROOMS control panel.

SMARTROOMS TTL: Pricing & Terms
Annual License Fee* Rs.17500 per Hotel location.
One-Time Setup Fee* Rs.12500 per Hotel location.
Customisation Fee* Rs.5000 (OPTIONAL).
Annual Hosting Fee* FREE HOSTING.
*Service Tax Additional as Applicable
Customisation Fee* - SMARTROOMS is by default integrated in the Cool-Blue Theme.

The Client-Side Theme Colours of the Calendar, Room Availability, Room Confirmation and Booking Voucher pages can be changed to match the hotel's website design for an additional fee of Rs.5000.
Order your SMARTROOMS Transaction Tokens License and Start Selling Rooms On The Internet
Within 48 Hours From Your Hotel's Website!!!

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100% Free Bookings!!!

Room Bookings are managed through a Transaction Token Method. One Transaction Token is deducted for each successful booking.

You are provided UNLIMITED Transaction Tokens in advance. There are no booking charges or commissions. All room bookings made through SMARTROOMS TTL are FREE.

If the booking is not genuine, you can mark the booking transaction as fake and Cancel the booking. Upon Cancellation, the Transaction Token will be credited and the booked room will be cancelled and restored to the Room Inventory.*

*Room Inventory is automatically updated when a Transaction Token is deducted or credited.


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