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Strong Validation A calender interface is provided for the guests to choose their travel dates. Strong Validation checks ensure that the booking has no errors. Multiple Room-Types The hotel can sell a single room, double rooms, triple, quad...till deca rooms (10 people in a room) through smartrooms.

No Sign-Up Guests are not forced to sign-up and verify their credentials before they book their rooms. This ensures that they can quickly book their rooms in 4 simple steps... Check availability, Confirm room, Submit booking request and Make payment (if the hotel has a payment gateway).

Room Availability A graphical snapshot of Room availability is shown when travel dates are entered and the guest can quickly view the status at a glance.
Request A Room If rooms are unavailable, guests can submit a form requesting rooms for their dates of travel. Instant Booking Confirmation Guests can see their booking receipt on the screen which they can print as well as receive an email with the booking details.
Guest Tariff Additional Adult and Additional Child Tariff can be entered for each Room-Type. Booking Cancellation Guests can submit their cancellation request online incase of change in travel plans.
Manage Room Sales Easily Block/Unblock Rooms or Suspend/Resume Sales of Room-Types. e.g Deluxe room can be suspended from being shown on the website. The hotel can unsuspend the room-type if it wishes to accept reservations for that room-type. Control Room Sales You can restrict the number of rooms a guest can book online.
Offer Discounts On Room-Rates And Hotel Packages You can offer a fixed discount on the displayed room-rate or an early-bird discount if the guest books a room or a hotel-package in advance. Currency Localisation INR/ USD/ GBP/ EUR Easily change the currency prefix and suffix and Sell Rooms in your Local Currency.
Room Inventory Room inventory is automatically decreased upon room confirmation and increased upon room cancellation. Sell additional services Guests can order additional services sold by you such as airport-pickups during the booking process.
Save Gateway Commissions Payment Gateway Banks charge higher commissions for online CC transactions... therefore to save commissions SMARTROOMS will charge a guest for 1 nights stay only.. the balance amount is swiped offline by the reservations desk at the hotel. Card Protection SmartRooms does not collect credit card details from Guests. The transactions are securely authorized by YOUR payment gateway.
REPORTS SMARTROOMS generates helpful reports which give the hotel a powerful insight into its business. Some Reports include, Room Booking Schedules, Transaction Reports, Top 10 Guest Countries, Monthly/Annual Income etc... Admin Control Panel: SMARTROOMS has a very user-friendly control panel. The hotel can easily add room types, enter room rates, block rooms, unblock rooms, view approved/denied transactions, view cancellation requests, cancel bookings as well as view and print reports.
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