SMARTROOMS Stay-Packages Module:- Sell 'Stay-Packages' from your Hotel's Website.

With SMARTROOMS CORE License, your guests can also book Stay-Packages from your hotel’s website through the SMARTROOMS Hotel Package Module.

The SMARTROOMS Hotel Package Module is an optional module and requires a one-time license fee of Rs. 60,000.

To explain the features of the SMARTROOMS Hotel Package software, we have given below an example of a ‘Winter Package’ offered by Hotel Fantasia.

1. The Hotel can offer 'Stay-Packages' between a Date Range for a fixed number of days.
Hotel Fantasia offers a special 3nights/4days ‘Winter Package' for a couple between 1st October 2018 to 31st January 2019 for Rs. 12000 + 10% Tax.
2. The hotel can allow/deny guests to book Stay-Packages on certain days of the week.
Hotel Fantasia needs that the package stays should not include a Saturday night or a Sunday night. So the package can be booked only if the Arrival Date is on;

Monday for a Mon-Tue-Wed stay OR
Tuesday for a Tue-Wed-Thu- stay OR
Wednesday for a Wed-Thu-Fri stay.

If a check-in date entered by the guest falls on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the guest is suggested to book on available days only.
The hotel can allow/deny extra Guests in addition to the default number of Guests allowed in the Stay-Packages.
Hotel Fantasia allows 2 Additional Guests (Adult or Child) in the Winter Package @ Rs. 4000 per Adult or Rs. 3000 per Child.
4. The hotel can decide to SELL ONLINE a fixed number of Stay-Packages "for each available date within the Date-Range" OR the hotel can decide to SELL ONLINE a fixed number of Stay-Packages "for the entire Data-Range".
Hotel fantasia, decides to sell 15 hotel Packages on each valid date i.e all dates that fall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 1st October 2018 to 31st January 2019.
The hotel can offer early bird discounts if the booking is done in advance. The early bird discount can be offered from the starting date of the date range i.e 1st October 2018 or from the starting date on which the Stay-Package is booked.
Hotel fantasia offers an early bird discount of 20% if the booking is done atleast 20 days in advance of the check-in date of the Stay-Package.
The early bird discount can/cannot be extended to additional guests as per the hotel’s decision.
Hotel Fantasia extends the early bird to Additional Guests also in the Package.
The hotel can link the Hotel Package with a Room. If a Room is linked to the package, then Bookings are only accepted if a Room is available.
Hotel Fantasia, decides to link their "Fantasia Suite" with the package. If the "Fantasia Suite" is not available for all days of the Stay-Package, the hotel package will not be booked and the guest will be suggested to choose alternative dates.

Integration with a Payment Gateway - The Guest can pay an advance amount by credit-card to confirm the booking. The hotel can enter a % of the total booking amount it wants to collect as an advance. The balance is paid by the guest at the hotel or other offline methods.

Hotel Fantasia decides to accept 10% of the Hotel Package as a advance payment through their credit card payment gateway.
The hotel can enter a description and image of the hotel package along with the terms & conditions which will be displayed to the Guest.
The hotel can also sell additional items such as airport-pickup, sightseeing tours etc alongwith the package.
There is no restriction to the number of packages that can be sold by the Hotel. Packages can be temporarily disabled if the hotel does not want to accept more bookings
The hotel can also view reports which provide complete information about the Stay-Packages booked through SMARTROOMS.
Guests get a online booking receipt after completing their payment successfully. A confirmation email with a booking order number for future reference and communication with the hotel is also emailed to the guest.
14. The entire booking process takes place under the hotels website domain-name.



The SMARTROOMS Hotel Package Module is Available with SMARTROOMS CORE License.
The SMARTROOMS Hotel Package Module is NOT Available with SMARTROOMS Transaction Tokens License.