Smartrooms - Rooms Reservation Software - CORE License FAQ
1) Why is SMARTROOMS Licensed and Not Sold?

Ans: SMARTROOMS is a web-based Hotel Room Reservation software. A copy of the SMARTROOMS software is is installed on Our Web-Servers located at a Data-Center and configured under your Hotel's domain name. The web-servers are maintained by Point 2 Point Communications and all costs like annual data center costs, software license fees, bandwidth costs, server backup costs, server maintenance costs, software maintenance costs, etc... are paid by Point 2 Point Communications. Since, these costs are recurring in nature, SMARTROOMS is licensed to the Hotel and the recurring costs are recovered from setup fees, sales commissions, transaction fees and application hosting fees as long as the Hotel uses the SMARTROOMS software.

2) What Do you mean by CORE License. How does the SMARTROOMS reservation software work under the CORE License?

Ans: SMARTROOMS is a room reservation software that is Licensed and Integrated with your Hotel's website and the entire Room Reservation process takes place under your Hotel's Website (Domain name).

There are 2 Types of SMARTROOMS Licenses: TRANSACTION TOKENS License and CORE License.

Under the SMARTROOMS CORE License, YOUR hotel can sell UNLIMITED number of rooms Online. Guests visit your hotel’s website and click on the reservation link; view room availability; select available rooms; fill the booking form, submit the order and PAY ONLINE through the Payment Gateway of Your Hotel. Your guests get an Instant Confirmation of the booking on screen and by email.

You pay a Fixed Commission on total sales revenue including room bookings and additional items like airport-pickup that are sold on your hotel’s website through SMARTROOMS.

3) A guest books a room for Two nights. Is commission payable on the room revenue of Two nights.

ANS: Yes. Commissions are payable on total room-revenue sales. We only take commissions on actual transactions that come through your website/smartrooms i.e bookings which have been paid for by a credit card. Commissions are only paid on all Successfull transactions i.e if the guests credit card has been approved by the payment gateway and a advance has been received by the hotel. Unsuccessful transactions or transactions cancelled through smartrooms are not subject to commissions.

We do not take commisions on bookings that you receive by telephone, third-party marketing websites such as etc, email, fax or personal visit.

4) Are commissions charged on additional items such as Airport Pickup?

ANS: Yes. Commissions are payable on total room-revenue sales including additional items sold on the website through SmartRooms.

5) A guest booked for 2 nights online and stayed for additional 3 nights. Does Our Hotel have to pay commissions for additional nights?

ANS: No. You only pay commissions on revenue generated through SMARTROOMS.

6) A guest booked for 2 nights online and did not arrive at the Hotel. Does Our Hotel have to pay commissions for the 2 nights?

ANS: Yes, Unless the booking was cancelled through SMARTROOMS before the arrival date.

7) How does the hotel pay commissions to Point 2 Point Communications for Sales through SMARTROOMS?

ANS: Point 2 Point Communications will raise an invoice for the Commissions payable. The Hotel can pay the commissions by Cheque, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

8) Is there a minimum term contract?

ANS: SMARTROOMS is licensed on a year-to-year basis. Under the SMARTROOMS Commissions Pricing Structure, you can stop the SMARTROOMS Service by giving a 30 day notice. However, You shall pay any unpaid fees/commissions covering the remainder of the term after the effective date of termination. In no event shall any termination relieve You of the obligation to pay any fees payable to Us for the period prior to the effective date of termination.

9) Can I sell Hotel Packages also along with my Hotel Rooms?

ANS: Yes. The Hotel Package Module has to be separately licensed and activated. The One-Time Activation License Fee is Rs. 44,000/- Only.

10) How do I display the prices in my local currency?

ANS: You can change the Currency Prefix ($, £, €)and Suffix (USD, GBP, EUR) easily from the General Configuration Area within the Control Panel. All prices will then be displayed in your local currency.

11) How do I order the SMARTROOMS CORE License?

ANS: Please follow the below steps to order and pay for your SMARTROOMS CORE license.

1) Navigate The Menu: Pricing & Licenses > Click on Commissions On REvenue - CORE License

2) Scroll Down and Click on the "Order Now" Button.

3) The default currency is INR. Change the currency to view pricing in USD, EUR or GBP.

4) We require your hotel's website domain-name to configure SMARTROOMS. Please choose the third option i.e "I will update my nameservers on an existing domain / I will create an A record"and enter your hotels website address e.g

5) The Billing Cycle amount i.e the amount payable is shown to you. The Hotel Package Module is also available as an addon. Select the Hotel Package Module if you want your guests to book Stay-Packages from your hotel’s website.

6) Read The "Master Subscription Agreement" and click on "Proceed Ahead With The Order".

7) Click on Checkout.

8) Enter your personal details and select the mode of payment.

You can either pay through cheque or Online Bank Transfer.

A) Please make your cheque payable to "Point 2 Point Communications".

Mailing Address:
Point 2 Point Communications
FF08 - 1st Floor, Harmony Mall, Link Road,
Goregaon (W) Mumbai - 400104. India

B) For payment through Direct Bank Transfer.

Current A/c Name: Point 2 Point Communications
Current A/c Number: 101205500040
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: 4 Bungalows Branch, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053.
IFSC Code: ICIC0001012

C) If you are paying through Paypal. Our Paypal Login is :