SMARTROOMS implements strong Validation Rules to ensure Error Free Bookings.

SMARTROOMS has been built around rules and strong validation checks have been put in place to ensure that the entire room reservation process is error free.

  • Booking does not proceed ahead unless the Check-in and Check-out dates are entered.
  • The check-out date is automatically entered 1 day ahead. The guest can modify this date if he is on a extended stay.
  • Rooms cannot be booked for more than 30 days stay.
  • Booking does not proceed ahead unless room and guest details are entered.
  • Each room has a minimum And maximum Occupancy which is entered by the hotel admin. If the number of guests entered while booking, exceed the maximum number of guests that can be accomodated, an error message is shown.
  • If a room type has a maximum occupany of 2 and there are 3 guests, then this room type will not be displayed to the client. Only rooms that have a minimum Occupancy of 3 and more will be displayed for selection.
  • Number of available rooms are not shown by default. The guest can only see if the rooms are available or unavailable. If only 1 room is available of a room-type and the guest requires 2 rooms then only 1 room is displayed and the second room is shown as unavailable.
  • If the guest has selected 1 room from the No. of Rooms, drop-down and selects 2 or more rooms OR does not select a room when the rooms availability is displayed; the booking process will display an error message.
  • If no rooms are available on the travel dates, the guest can fill a form and request the hotel for rooms.
  • Additional adult and guest charges are calculated as per the extra adult and extra child charges entered by the admin. All room types can have different extra adult and child charges.
  • Personal details are requested from the client to complete the booking process. If any required field is empty an error message will be displayed.